Women-Only Policy

This policy applies to all BFL events unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

Boston Feminists for Liberation is a women-only group. We define “women” as a material class of people who are exploited through global patriarchy and experience this exploitation from people who are classed as men. We center the experiences of working-class trans and cis women, however, we do not limit membership based on birth assignment, individual identity, or presentation. Gender is complicated and often contradictory. Two people can identify with the same exact labels yet be positioned completely differently under patriarchy and an individual’s understanding of their own gender is rarely static. This is even further complicated by the intersections of race and class. This means people of non-binary identities are needed and welcome here if they are exploited under patriarchy and generally cannot exploit others through patriarchy.

We cannot liberate women if we are unable to name who is being exploited, who is benefiting from that exploitation, and why. Because BFL does not take a gender-neutral approach to feminism, we do not use gender-neutral language in our work. However, we support gender-neutral public spaces and services (bathrooms, health providers using gender-neutral language), and believe pronouns are always to be respected.

BFL’s functioning depends on each member’s self-reflection, integrity, and accountability. We cannot and will not answer the question, “Do I belong here?” We do not see a way of answering that question that would not inevitably lead to us leaving women behind. Please use research, reflection, and common sense to answer that question for yourself.