Gaslighting Zine

Paula: …He said I was going out of my mind.
Cameron: You’re not going out of your mind. You’re slowly and systematically being driven out of your mind.
Paula: You’re wrong…You’re making a mistake. I know him. He’s my husband. I’ve lived in the same house with him. You’re talking about the man I’m married to.
Cameron: …Mrs. Anton, he must have planned the whole thing step by step.

(Gaslight, 1944)

BFL has put together a zine about gaslighting. This term is from the movie “Gaslight” and is used to describe an extreme form of invalidation where an abuser purposefully denies reality- for example, by saying a victim didn’t say what she did say, what she knows happened didn’t happen, that her memory is faulty and can’t trust her own recollections, that she’s crazy and can’t trust her own ideas.

While purposeful gaslighting by one partner to gain power and control over the other in an ongoing abusive relationship is common, so is the systemic invalidation of women. Men tell women that their feelings are not real but are caused by their hormones/bodies, courts ignore the impact of misogyny in women’s charges and sentencing, hospitals discount women’s self-reports of sickness and pain, the word “victim” is used not as a descriptor but as a female-specific insult.

Men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of abuse and women are overwhelmingly the victims, which is why we’re feminists and why our zine is collecting submissions only from trans and cis women.

This page will be updated ASAP with information on how to purchase the zine. Thank you all that contributed!