Consciousness Raising is a tool women started using in the 1960s during the Women’s Liberation Movement. During our CR sessions, we discuss personal experiences around a different topic each week, particularly as it relates to our position as women in society. In our discussions, we connect over our shared experiences living in the politically oppressed class of “women,” and also contrast where our experiences differ — including at intersections of race, sexual orientation, education, socio-economic background, and other statuses that interact with our experience of womanhood.

When: The second Saturday of every month, 10-12PM is an open meeting, meaning any woman is welcome.

Where: The Cambridge Women’s Center: 46 Pleasant St., Central Square

The building is locked, so ring the doorbell and someone will let you in. Please sign into the guestbook as soon as you enter the building. We’re on the 2nd floor, first room on the right.

Why: By having these conversations, we not only come to understand ourselves better, but get to practice trusting other women, struggle together through disagreement, and build solidarity through shared experiences and our differences.