Join Us At Honk on October 9th!

It’s fall in Boston and that means it is time for the Honk! Festival. Honk is a celebration of our communities and our activism, featuring leftist marching bands from around the world. It’s a fun event filled with music, dancing, food and is very family friendly!

This year BFL will be showcasing our spooky side and marching as the women from society’s nightmares. The fact is so many women (in BFL and our greater community) are considered freaks for being disabled, trans, and refusing to confine ourselves to the white patriarchal ideal of what a women should be. Hell, women are considered terrifying just for aging naturally!

I know I can’t be the only one who starts the day by taking a wonderful, weird bit of myself and telling her “I’m so sorry, not today. It isn’t safe.”  I know I can’t be the only one who is so damned tired of knowing there is nothing shameful about who I am and yet, having to hide it anyways.

Women’s Liberation is a political struggle for material change, but we cannot engage in this struggle while hiding the parts of our humanity that terrify others. This is not about loving ourselves or having an easy relationship with our bodies. Personal empowerment is amazing when it can be achieved but it is neither a requirement or a necessity.  Rather, we want to play with, amplify and find a little humor & fun in all the parts of ourselves that gets us labeled weird, freaky, crazy, and monstrous. Resistance lives in our ability to be strong within ourselves and in carrying each others weirdness and all the complicated, painful, and joyous moments that comes with no longer denying our humanity.

The theme is yours to interpret so please come in costume, just as yourself or as whatever moves you! Our banners and materials will be purple, black and orange and we’ll be bringing some spooky Halloween materials.

After the march, join us in Harvard Square for feminist pumpkin carving and activities for children!

If you have any question about accessibility, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are in the process of obtaining mobility devices and will do as much as we can to make sure everyone who wants to participate can in a way that is safe and sustainable for them.

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