Action Alert: Protest for Abortion Access


What: Picket of Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices (
When: Tuesday 9/22 at 11:30 AM
Where: 120 Lincoln St Suite 1A, Boston, MA 02111
1. Do not cut Title X or any funding to Planned Parenthood.
2. End all government funding to anti-abortion clinics (“crisis pregnancy centers”)!
3. Give half that money to planned parenthood!
4. Use the rest to reopen clinics closed by recent restrictions!
5. Provide free abortion on demand to all women!

Why: By protesting an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center we flip the script on conservatives that protest abortion clinics and fight to close vital care centers for women. Its the most appropriate place in MA to respond to the current legislature being voted on.

What You can do:
1. Show up on time or early!
2. Make a sign with one of the following statements on it:
“Women’s Liberation = Free Abortion”
“Free Abortion On Demand and Without Apology”
“Anti-Abortion = Anti-Woman”
“Crisis Pregnancy Centers Lie to Women!”
3. Wear red or black if you have it!

*we will also have sign making materials there!


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