ResisDance for Heidi! – July 11th at the Democracy Center

Handrawn black and white ResisDance flyer with information about the show, illustrated with a crablike tarantula in center followed by stylized names of bands performing. Details in text below.

Saturday, July 11, 2015, 9:00pm – 1:00am

The Democracy Center
45 Mount Auburn St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

ResisDance is ALL AGES, inclusive, safer space for dancing, enjoying yrself, and raising funds for people who are fucked over by/organizing against the inherently racist criminal legal system. We do not provide alcohol at this event.

This time we’re raising funds for Heidi Landers, a Black trans woman who has been locked up in a men’s prison in Florida for 15 years and is being released in August. Her mother and brother both died when she was very young. She writes, “I grew up as a female prostitute and abusing drugs, which lead me to the penal system where I endure abuse and rape by staff and prisoners. My life has been full of setbacks and struggles, but I learn to overcome them daily to be a better female. It’s very dehumanizing in prison.” LGTBQ+ people face disproportionate levels of violence and lack of access to medical care in prison. Heidi was diagnosed with AIDS, has very expensive medication, and has no home to go to when she gets out–and she needs your financial and emotional support!

SO COME DANCE TO THESE AMAZING RAP ARTIST AND DISC JOCKEYS AND THROW DOWN AS MUCH $$$$ AS YOU ARE ABLE (tho none shall be turned away)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Moody House/Neo Disco/Vapor Wave

~*~*~*~DJ Lady Spindrift~*~*~*~


[Don’t assume people’s identities]
[Ask b4 u touch someone]

If you can’t make it, donate to Heidi here:


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