TO OUR HARASSERS: A Speak Out Against Street Harassment

Join BOSTON FEMINISTS FOR LIBERATION on November 22nd as we speak out against misogynistic violence* and say to our harassers “ENOUGH!”

Facebook event:


Leading up to the Anarchist bookfair, an activist packed weekend in Boston, BFL is holding a public speak-out** on gender-based violence in its multiple, unforgivable guises.

The intention of this action is to reclaim public space, build solidarity through sharing experiences, and draw vital attention to the multiple forms of misogynistic violence. The violence we speak of takes the form of street harassment, sexual violence, rape, police brutality and intimate partner violence. Misogynistic violence is perpetuated by those who benefit from the myriad of oppressions produced through white supremacy, patriarchy, profit-based exploitation, and heterosexism. These forms of violence are condoned and endorsed by the State, and its extension the police force in ways that disproportionately affect the safety of communities of color. Therefore, our event is also a space to speak out on police violence and harassment.

We ask you to join as at 1 pm in Union Sq in Allston. We have chosen this location because it is a site of ubiquitous harassment, and also to highlight that it represents a dangerous environment for many who navigate its streets. We will be holding a speakout and also collecting responses for our collaborative performance banner “To Our Harassers”. For those willing, we will also be taking video and picture footage for our website.
This speakout is centered around the voices of women, gender variant, and non-binary identities. The space is intended for sharing experiences, thoughts, and feelings on misogynistic violence*. We welcome all forms of sharing from speaking to poetry to musical performances. We also offer the opportunity for submission beforehand via email, in which case we will read your words at the event and you will remain anonymous. Submit text by November 21 to We strive to foster an environment that is safe, respectful and intersectional. We emphasize that we strive to create a safe space free of racism, classism, cissexism, heterosexism, bodyshaming, fat hatred, ageism, ableism, and all other forms of oppression.

Most importantly, we call on our Boston community to harness the national momentum against misogynistic violence and say in unison to our harassers: ENOUGH!

*Misogynistic violence is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women that prevails under patriarchy and intersects with racism, sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, classism and all other forms of oppression in our society.
** Speak Out: a. To convey thoughts, opinions, or emotions orally. b. To express oneself.


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