Statement on Recent SCOTUS Rulings

Boston Feminists for Liberation is saddened and angered by the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding access to reproductive health services. We have been dealt blows on two fronts: an increased financial and bureaucratic burden in the form of insurance plans which will no longer cover many forms of birth control, and the second being the increase in direct violence that we will be subjected to without a “buffer zone” around clinics, which had previously allowed for some small amount of relief from harassment.


There is no question: these rulings were made at the crossroads of misogyny, ableism, transphobia, classism, racism, homophobia, and capitalistic greed. Liberal institutions would say that this decision represents a lack of “trust” in women, but this is not a matter of “trust,” nor is this only about women. This is an active effort to undermine the safety and autonomy of all those who require reproductive care. This is an attempt to consolidate of power in the hands of the already-too-powerful. We expect nothing less from the US government, and we will continue to fight against these injustices.


Decisions about medical services ought to prioritize the well-being of the people who require those services. The obviousness of this statement is unquestionable, and yet we once again find ourselves explaining why our needs take priority over a corporation’s supposed religious leanings; leanings which are highly suspicious. Hobby Lobby’s invests in the same contraceptive pills it claims to find morally objectionable, they stand to profit from their own restrictions. Nevertheless, this state-sanctioned hypocrisy leaves us vulnerable to violence, supposedly in the name of “due process.”

Outside of the sphere of reproductive care, SCOTUS ruling on the recent Harris case has eviscerated public sector unions. The case, focused primarily on homecare nurses, greatly reduces the power women (especially women of color) have to organize in our workplaces. Nothing short of militant unions will be able to grant women liberation from capitalism and to build the collective power to win reproductive care for all genders.


Efforts to politely (or even loudly) request more benign treatment from Congress, the Judiciary, Insurance Companies, Hobby Lobby, and other misogynist/capitalist institutions have not won the war that is being waged against us. These institutions have only acted in our favor when convenient, and only for the most cynical reasons: when their hands have been forced through mobilization and direct action. This fight will not be won on Capitol Hill, but in the clinics, at the workplace, and out on the streets.


Therefore, we ask the feminist movement to end this destructive relationship with the state. Join us as we organize mass resistance to misogynistic violence in every facet of our lives.

Towards a better future,
Boston Feminists for Liberation



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