Rape can be abolished. Every women can be housed, safely and comfortably. Our bodies are 100% our own, our bodies are not our destiny. No women should be locked in a cage, no man should be given permission to rape because he has a badge. Our workplaces are ours to own, our world is ours to fight to for.

Society sees these statements as radical, even dangerous. We don’t. Since 2012, we have been organizing women in the Greater Boston Area to fight back against male violence, police brutality, mass incarceration, and reproductive injustice. We believe that through the collective struggle of women in our communities, we can liberate ourselves.

Our work isn’t just in the streets. It is the relationships we have with one another that gives our organization its strength. We believe in showing up for each other, providing mutual aid, and trusting each other enough to allow for disagreement and conflict.  Our power is built through our commonalities, our differences and how we carry each other through the struggle.

BFL is a radical group.  We believe that we can win. We believe that we can be free. Our liberation is in our hands. Will you join us?